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[17 Jun 2005|09:16pm]
[ mood | worried ]

Camp Fire is doing a 6 day trip. You travel all around the state of Florida and do a service project everyday. The dates are June26- July 2. I am team captain of this trip along with my friend Amanda. We have 4 spots left that really need to be filled. If you want to sign up call 688-5491. And if you have any questions my screen name is cyalatalligata. I really need people to sign up....and soon. Thanks.


Yeah I know I got a new journal but this is important!!!!! Oh and this is the 4th journal I've posted this in so if you see it more than once than maybe its a sign.....a sign telling you that you should come on the trip!!!!!!!!

( I need you so bad)

[13 Mar 2005|09:25pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

(Pick me up now, I need you so bad)

[13 Mar 2005|08:27pm]
[ mood | calm ]

5 days
9 hours
33 minutes
remaining till I leave for Virginia.

So today I got my hair cut. I'm not sure I like it. It is alot shorter....I guess it doesn't matter cause it is to late to change it back.

I did mostly family stuff all weekend. My uncle came from Colorado, my other uncle from Gainsville, my cousin from Orlando and my other cousin from Mass. Yay! It was actually prety fun because my family is awesome.

(Pick me up now, I need you so bad)

[09 Mar 2005|04:12pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

9 days
13 hours
48 minutes
remaining (till I leave for Virginia)
I am super excited!

So Saturday was lots of fun at Battle of the Bands with Kami, Austin, Amanda and Reed. Except for the shit with that person....lol.
I want to do something this weekend... Wanna join me? I'm not sure what but I will think of something.

FCAT and no half days SUCKS!!!

I'm out (like a trout)!!!


( I need you so bad)

[04 Mar 2005|03:20pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Its been awhile.....it would have been longer but certain people keep telling me to update. So tonight I'm going to the track meet at GJ with Amanda and Zac. Tomorrow soccer and 12 then to the mall to get Kami's birthday present. Then I am going to Battle of the Bands at Camp Fire. You guys should come! All the cool kids will be there. Sunday I am doing absolutely nothing. hehehe
I am going to go sleep now........


(Pick me up now, I need you so bad)

[22 Feb 2005|03:22pm]
[ mood | happy ]

1. Animal to eat: Cow! Beef its whats for dinner!
2. Movie: Secret Window or Donnie Darko
3. Magazine: Teen People
4. Secondary Simpson's Character: The Simpsons are for dummys
5. Pro Sports team: I guess the Bucs
6. Toothpaste: crest whitening expressions vanilla mint.
7. Nickname for yourself: Molly in the Middle, Molly Jane or MJ
8. Restaurant: Harrys or Sonnys
9. Parent: your mom
10. Greek Mythological Character: zeus
11. Vacation Spot: Virginia
12. Vegas Spot: never been
13. Actor: Johnny Depp
14. Actress: not sure
15. TV show you liked as a kid: Rugrats
16. Spot to be touched while making out:
17. Stand Up Comic: me
18. Place for Breakfast: my house
19. Will Ferrel Movie: Elf.
20. Shirt: my Story of the Year shirt.(my cow poop shirt)
21. Singer: no singers just bands
22. Italian Food: Spegetti and meatballs (haha i said balls)
23. Guilty Pleasure:
24. Porn Star: none!
25. Fictional Character: Captain Hook (actually I have no clue)

Have You Ever
1. Punched someone out of anger: yes
2. Stolen cash: no
3. Went on a beer run: if only i was old enough
4. Made out with someone you've known less than 30 minutes: no.
5. Asked out someone on MySpace: um no.
6. Been in a car accident: not unless you count the time my mom rear ended someone on the way home from the movies
7. Flipped off someone for no reason: yeah
8. Thought dirty things in Church: no
9. Told someone they were ugly and meant it: no I'm not mean like that
10. Walked out of a restaraunt without tipping: no.
11. Lost your temper when discussing politics: no
12. Given away your last cigarette: yeah (to amanda...j/k)
13. Attended Pro Wrestling: no.
14. Been caught telling a racist joke: i hate racist people
15. Snuck a nap at work: at school yes, many times.
16. Stuck gum somewhere you're not supposed to: yep.
17. Called in sick, but really been hungover: no
18. Send a drink back because it sucked: yes.
19. Picked your nose and been caught: just yesterday...i'm kidding
20. Screamed in a theatre for a scary movie: yes
21. Sent a poem to someone you wrote: if only that made sense.

Would you:
1. Tell your friend he/she is getting fat? umm
2. Ditch your family on Christmas for the ULTIMATE concert?: only if I want my family to shun then kill me.
3. Make out with a member of the same sex as you?: no
4. Hire a homeless person to mow your lawn?:thats random but yes i think i would
5. Give up your best friend for your spouse if you had to?: only if I seriously had to
6. Serve if the draft was re-instated?:
7. Make out with a monkey for $5000?: I do it for free bitches
8. Wear a tutu to a club on a dare?: my tutu days are over
9. Be on Fear Factor knowing you had to eat that nasty shit?: no

(Pick me up now, I need you so bad)

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